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    Prestigio GPS Navigators GeoVision 4700/5700 vs 4500/5500

    The best selling Prestigio GPS Navigators GeoVision introduce new models 4700 and 5700 with improved design.


    The previos models of Prestigio GPS Navigators GeoVision 4500 and 5500 offer besides outstanding navigation performance a full media player, eBook Reader and various games – all under your control with the touch screen. The latest software iGO primo follows a intuitiveness and appealing visual design. The extended and advanced features are smartly separated from the main functions, so even inexperienced users will find basic navigation straightforward and easy to handle. High resolution 3D visualization, smart routes are just few out of many stunning features.


    The new models GeoVision 4700 and 5700 in addition to the great functionality adds a touch to its design and construction materials. Now the best selling GPS navigators front and back sides are made of tempered glass (just like iPhone!) in a frame of solid aluminium.


    The models available:


    GeoVision 4700 with Full Europe Maps and GeoVision 4700BT with Full Europe Maps

    Prestigio_GPS_Navigator_geoVision_4700_specs Prestigio_GPS_Navigator_geoVision_4700BT_specs


    GeoVision 5700 with Full Europe Maps and GeoVision 5700BT with Full Europe Maps

     Prestigio_GPS_Navigator_geoVision_5700_specs Prestigio_GPS_Navigator_geoVision_5700BT_specs

    The maps included in Full Europe:

    Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Poland, Ireland, Slovakia, Spain, Slovenia, Sweeden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Turkey, United Kingdom, Andora, Lichtenstein, Monako, San Marino, Vatican.


    The new Prestigio GPS navigators GeoVision 4700/5700 and 4700BT/5700BT are now available from PrestigioPlaza.com