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    Prestigio MultiPad PMP5080 Reviewed by Notebookcheck.com

    Prestigio’s MultiPad PMP5080, a new Android based Tablet PC, has been tested by the internationally famous hardware magazine, Notebookcheck.com

    Notebookcheck.com is one of the most reputable online product review media with an exceptional expertise on notebooks, GPU, CPU and tablet PC. The editorial team from the German office has tortured the new Prestigio 5series MultiPad PMP5080B in a 10 days test procedure to find out, how much performance you can get. Featuring the new RK2918 chipset, everybody was curious to see, what the results would be like. To the surprise of the experts, the overall result of 84% and a "Gut" ("Good") ranks the PMP5080B on the same level like competitors Sony, Dell, Acer or HTC.



    Notebookcheck.com has published the review both in German and English, having made the following verdict:


    “Prestigio delivers a solid presentation in the low-cost Internet and multimedia range with its Gingerbread tablet PC, Prestigio Multipad Tablet PC PMP5080B. With a battery life of up to 9.5 hours, a throughout smooth operation, a smooth playback of Full HD videos and crisp colors with high contrast, the Multipad PMP5080B is recommendable as a multimedia all-round tablet at an attractive price-performance ratio.


    The Multipad PMP5080B quickly finds fans in the test. The tablet is comfortable to hold, working with the UI designed by Prestigio is easy thanks to a responsive touchscreen and simple navigation. Accessing Google's Android market and the pre-installed apps are a delight - the Multipad PMP5080B is a welcome computing companion.


    However, the user will always have to find an alternative for checking emails or social networking news, for example, via a hotspot / WLAN access, smartphone tethering or a portable WLAN hotspot router, because the tablet doesn't support UMTS. The low basic brightness and the extreme viewing angle dependency, the RK2918 processor's meager 3D performance in games and the tablet's low memory configuration are things that we find disagreeable in the PMP5080B.


    If the tablet-optimized Android 3.x Honeycomb, a dual core processor, fast Internet access via 3G/UMTS and the latest Honeycomb apps aren't a must-have, the Multipad PMP5080B is an affordable entry model.”


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