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    Visconte V is high performance while elegant and exquisite 2-in-1 (tablet and laptop) solution. It is desirable for gamers not only due to its highly productive hardware and software (outstanding Intel® Atom Quad Core Processor Z3735F, 2 GB RAM and Windows 10 on board) but also thanks to spectacular while aggressive appearance. Wide 10,1 inches IPS display allows to get full enjoyment when watching video, playing games or even surfing the Internet. The tablet will be without any doubt loved all over the world thanks to pleasant presents made to the users as a result of Prestigio and Wargaming cooperation.

    High Productivity

    Modern gaming is resourceful, so if you love online battles or strategies you need a powerful device. Prestigio MultiPad Visconte V features all needed specifications to guarantee your mobile gaming will be smooth and joyful. Intel Atom Quad Core Processor Z3735F (up to 1.83 GHz) brings the ultimate high-quality everyday life experience. 2 GB RAM allows to launch almost any resourceful application and never worry about pauses. Try World of Tanks Blitz, Asphalt 8, Dead Trigger 2 and other games and play on high setting. And take all the advantages of multitasking switching from one application to another. 

    10,1 inches of beauty

    The length of the Prestigio® MultiPad Visconte V screen diagonal is a golden mean for a tablet. 10,1 inches is perfect for watching movies and playing games but still compact to be taken anywhere even in a small bag. LCD and IPS technologies used in a display make picture true to life, bright and clear, while high definition (1280 x 800) wont let you to miss a thing. The screen support multitouching (up to 10 dots) so you have all the needed abilities to control gaming and to manage other complicated tasks.

    Premium gifts

    If you love gaming you have definitely heard about one of the most popular online multiplayer MMO games – World of Tanks Blitz. Together with a perfect device every Prestigio® MultiPad Visconte V owner gets a premium account for 7 days and the premium Т-127 tank in the game.* So you will start with the dreamboat of millions of users to get the full enjoyment of the game and to love your new device even more then you exрected.

    An ‘adult’ OS

    MultiPad Visconte V is a serious device for resourceful tasks, so Prestigio® decided to implement the full-sized operational system – Windows 10, that is known as the best Microsoft OS ever. It is the ideal combination of the Windows which you already know, plus lots of great improvements you’ll love having. As a bonus, enjoy licensed Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote Apps) for your everyday needs.

    Not only the gaming

    Visconte V is perfect not only for gaming. It is also a perfect device for work. Just engage the keyboard – and get all the benefits of a real laptop. Due to different connectors it has, organizing your mobile office is a snap with this device! Micro HDMI ports and a full-size USB 2.0 connection make it easy to connect to a large screen, mouse, printer, or scanner, and Wi-Fi Direct provides a useful option for connecting wirelessly to a TV, plasma panel, or projector. So you can use the tablet for work as well as for entertainment.

    Always Online

    Being online in any circumstances is crucial nowadays. With built-in Wi-Fi module you can connect to any Wi-Fi spot outdoors as well as at home - and take all the advantages of mobile Internet. Moreover Visconte V features a sim card and supports 3G connectivity, so fast Internet is easy like never before. Search for information in any circumstances, chat with friends, watch video or play multiplayer games online - all the world is one touch away. 


    Prestigio® team understands that gaming needs a lot of battery resources. That is why Prestigio® MultiPad Visconte V features a powerful 6500 mAh battery that allows to enjoy long working hours in any circumstances. Never worry about the presence of a receptacle – the tablet will work all day long even if you use it from early morning to late evening playing resourceful games.

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    If you are searching for a compact, reliable and long living device, take a look at Grace 3157 3G! Compact body with 7” screen allows to take it anywhere you go, metal casing defends it from the scratches and damages, productive hardware ensures high performance, while 3G Internet connectivity guarantees you will stay online in any circumstances. The tablet will become your companion anywhere you go and will enable you to maintain your fast lifestyle!


    Wide but compact


    A 7.0” screen is wider than a smartphone, so you will always get more – when reading, working, watching movies or playing games. But it is still compact to be taken anywhere even in a small bag.


    Your lifelike content


    Enjoy the bright and detailed content on a 7.0” screen with HD resolution (720 x 1280) and IPS technology. The images look like those in real life!


    Stylish accessory


    The tablet appears stylish due to a metallic sleek body and rounded corners. It comes in a classical black colour which will compliment any style - a serious businessman or a modern young person.


    Latest Android

    The Grace 3157 3G runs on the latest Android OS version - 7.0 Nougat. As a result, you will benefit from all the possibilities of an up-to-date tablet, including smart battery saving mode ‘Doze on the go’ and a variety of possibilities to customise.


    Reliable performance

    The tablet is productive enough to complete everyday tasks. High performance is provided by quad core processor and 1GB RAM. The tablet comes with 8/16 GB of internal storage which is expandable with microSD cards up to 32GB.


    3G connectivity


    You will be connected to the Internet in any place and in any circumstances because the Grace 3157 3G supports 3G connectivity. Browse the Internet, play games, watch online video and enjoy high quality calls with your new tablet.


    Dual SIM

    The Grace 3157 3G supports two SIM cards, so you can optimize your budget on calls and Internet. Fortunately, the tablet is compact and handy to use instead of a smartphone when making and taking calls.


    Two cameras

    Create your content on the go: 2.0 MP rear camera takes clear shots and video. The 0.3MP front camera can be used for video calls.

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    The Smartbook 133S is a lightweight and reliable device for those who like easy to use and multi-functional mobile devices. This is a modern notebook with a 13.3″ screen, a full Windows version and a universal set of ports. Effective multitasking, excellent functionality, high-quality display, modern design and the ability to upgrade quickly and easy - these are the features which are most appealing.


    The Smartbook 133S has a Quad Core Intel® Celeron® Processor N3350 (up to 2.4 GHz). This makes it suitable for business men/women and students as it enables tasks to be completed efficiently for business and study. 3 GB / 4 GB enables multitasking without delays, while 32GB ROM can easily be enlarged with SSD storage device up to 512GB due to M.2 SATA interface. Thanks to energy efficient CPU and capacious battery the notebook can work up to 8 hours without recharging.

    Perfect 13.3″ screen

    The notebook features a 13.3″ Full HD screen. IPS matrix ensures clear image and saturated colours.


    The Smartbook 133S is available in an exquisite 1.3 cm metal case, and thanks to its weight (up to 1.5 kg) you can easily carry the device anywhere you go. Without a doubt, this latest model will be a valuable device for business and travel.


    Thanks to Windows 10 Home / Windows 10 Pro which is preinstalled on the Smartbook 133S you will be able to benefit from all the preferences of a modern operational system. An intuitive interface will help to manage your tasks more effectively, advanced productivity will allow you to experience a new level of efficiency, and thanks to additional services and applications every second with your new device will be comfortable and enjoyable.

    No intermediaries

    The Smartbook 133S does not require adapters: two high speed USB 3.0 and micro HDMI provide easy connection to any devices – for example, to a big screen, mouse, printer or scanner.

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    Get acquainted with the new tablet made specially to entertain you! Watch HD video on a high-contrast and bright 10” IPS display, play demanding multiplayer games with 2GB RAM and quad core processor, stream without interruptions due to 4G LTE connectivity and receive the latest updates for your favourite applications with Android 7.0 Nougat. Everything you need to have fun!


    Unlimited speed


    You will love the lightning fast 4G LTE connection! It erases all borders and removes restrictions. Experience streaming without interruption, seamlessly play multi-player games and browse faster than ever before.


    Reliable performance

    The tablet runs on the latest Android version – 7.0 Nougat. You will be the first to download new applications and receive the latest updates of your favourite games and programs. Smart battery saving mode 'Doze on the go' will help you enjoy your favourite applications all day long without searching for a charger, and a variety of options of customization will give additional pleasure.


    Widescreen entertainment


    A 10.1” screen diagonal is an important feature for an entertainment tablet. It is wide enough to enjoy all the advantages of gaming, watching video and surfing the web, but still quite compact to take the tablet anywhere. In addition, you will enjoy the content quality due to HD resolution and IPS technology!


    Large storage capacity

    To explore and benefit from all the opportunities of the tablet you will need enough space to store the content. The Grace 3101 4G comes with 16GB inner storage which can be expanded with micro SD cards up to 32 GB. Do not forget about cloud storages!


    Capture on-the-go


    Prestigio has also added two cameras to the tablet to capture images on-the-go: 2.0 MP rear camera with LED flash can be used to capture special moments, and a 0.3 MP front camera for video calls to friends and family when away.


    Dual SIM

    The tablet features dual SIM support, so you can engage one SIM card for lightning fast 4G Internet and another one to make calls.

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    With the new Prestigio RoadRunner 140 you will always be sure that all the important events on the road are captured. 110 degrees viewing angles, 4 layer glass lens and 4x digital zoom ensures clear and detailed video in Full HD, whilst the 12 MP camera takes vivid and light pictures. It is extremely compact and the lightest roadrunner in the Prestigio collection, so it is almost invisible in the car and easy to transport even in a small pocket.


    Full HD video


    You will get the perfect video of your trip. Full HD quality is optimal for car video registers because it ensures clear images and makes details visible. Pure sound will be a good advantage as well.


    Endless recording

    Cyclic recording ensures that your camera does not stop recording when the storage is full. The camera automatically overwrites the oldest files on the memory card, thus enabling it to record indefinitely.


    Bright screen


    1.5-inch LCD screen gives an opportunity to adjust image options like clarity, contrast and colour settings.


    Capture details


    Capture the wide field of view with 110 ° viewing angles and get the advantages of high optical quality of pictures taken by a 12 MP camera with a 4 layer lens.


    The greatest deal


    As always, Prestigio gives the greatest opportunities for money conscious people. All the latest technologies, high quality and modern design are delivered for an extremely affordable price.


    G-sensor for file protection!


    A G-sensor traces sudden acceleration, braking and collisions in order to automatically capture and protect critical footage surrounding an accident. Through this function the important files will not be removed by loop recording.


    Motion detection


    The device features progressive motion detection technology. In this mode the video shooting, starts only when detecting a new movement in the frame, allowing you to reserve the memory card for a longer video. This function might be very useful during long-term parking.


    Almost invisible


    The Roadrunner 140 is not overtly visible in the car, thanks to its compact size.

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    Look at this stylish device! TOP trendy colours, thin lightweight body with 2.5D curved glass, and bright screen. It will emphasise your taste and become an essential accessory to suit your style. Ultimate beauty is complimented with a powerful quad core processor for high performance, 4G LTE support and a 13.0 MP camera for creating quality photos worth sharing. Prestigio has made sure that you will never miss any features when using your new device!


    Design to fall in love with

    A slim and lightweight body is completed with 2.5D curved screen glass which ensures it contemporary look will attract your friends’ attention. Choose between modern colours (rose gold, silver and black) the one which suits you best.


    4G Internet

    One of the most distinguishing features of the new smartphone is the 4G LTE connectivity. You will enjoy lightning-fast Internet for watching HD movies online, downloading huge files in seconds and browsing quicker than ever before.


    Bright and clear display

    5.0” is the most popular diagonal size: thanks to the wide screen you receive additional opportunities while interacting with digital content. IPS technology together with HD resolution makes the image look bright and clear, resembling real life.


    Latest Android

    The Grace M5 LTE runs on Android 7.0 Nougat. Thanks to this operating system you will acquire all the possibilities of a modern smartphone and the access to millions of useful applications, including the best from Google – Gmail, Maps, Photo and so on. In addition, the Doze battery saving mode enables the smartphone to work longer.


    Content worth sharing


    Taking quality photos and shooting video becomes easy with this smartphone! A 13.0 MP rear camera with LED-flash ensures clear & bright images even if shot in poor light conditions. Shooting is comfortable with automatic focusing. In addition, a 2.0 MP front camera can be used for selfies and video calls.


    Storage capacity


    The Grace M5 LTE comes with 16GB internal storage which is sufficient for all vital applications and a high quantity of photos and video files. If more is required – enlarge it with a microSD cards up to 32GB or use cloud technologies.


    High performance


    The smartphone can easily cope with everyday tasks. A quad core processor and 1GB RAM ensure high performance whatever you do – reading, surfing the Internet, playing games or watching HD video online. You will love the multitasking mode and ability to switch between different applications without loss of performance.


    Dual SIM

    Money conscious people will appreciate dual SIM support. One SIM card can be used for fast 4G Internet and another – for cheap calls, thus allowing you to stay in touch with friends or family and save money.

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    The Prestigio Wize 3418 4G is a stylish tablet with an attractive body, productive hardware and 4G connectivity. This tablet is a balanced solution for those who are accustomed to high-quality functional devices and high-speed Internet.


    4G - a new level of speed

    Connecting to 4G will open a new level of mobile Internet speed to you. With the Wize 3418 4G it is possible to download a movie or a large amount of data in just a few minutes.


    Vivid screen

    Thanks to IPS technology, 800x1280 resolution and the quad core Mali T720 graphics card the screen transmits colour with high accuracy. The image sharpness makes the work comfortable and the world of entertainment literally comes to life in your hands.


    Efficient multitasking

    The Wize 3418 4G hardware effectively copes with multitasking. Powerful 64-bit quad-core processor and 1 GB RAM allow you to work with multiple office applications at the same time, communicate in social networks and watch videos in HD.


    Memory volume

    The Wize 3418 4G features 8/16 GB of internal memory: you will have enough space for your applications, photos and music. This volume can be enlarged up to 32 GB with the help of micro SD cards.


    Photos and videos

    Who said that a tablet can’t be an instrument for creating photo and video content? A rear camera with flash will help to take photos on-the-go, while front camera can be used for video calls from any place you find yourself during a day.


    Updated Android

    The productivity of the tablet is boosted by an updated Android 6.0 Marshmallow, that also makes the Wize 3418 4G work longer with Doze battery saving mode. Enjoy the variety of possibilities with apps customization and stress your personality!

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    Pure beauty with a powerful filling – this is the new Muze J3! The smartphone was especially designed for exquisite and fashionable people who follow trends and do not want to compromise between style and performance. If you are one of them – the Muze J3 will be a perfect choice for you!

    Beautiful design

    The Muze J3 captures the eye at first glance. A slim elegant body in high demand glossy black or gold, bright screen with high pixel density and 2.5D glass which adds streamlined shapes and completes the design of the smartphone.

    Screen to fall in love with

    A 4.7” IPS HD display was created for comfortable reading and viewing content. A high pixel density makes content viewing a real pleasure – it is impossible to see the pixels on a screen, and the image appears clear and bright.

    Good photos and video

    The Muze J3 features an advanced 8.0 MP rear camera with LED flash, allowing photos created to be detailed and bright in any light conditions. A 2.0 MP front camera will satisfy the needs during video calls or taking selfies.

    Latest Android

    Multiple ways of app customization, advanced productivity and longevity are delivered with the latest Android version – 7.0 Nougat. The user will receive all the advantages of a modern smartphone.

    Powerful performance

    A Quad core processor and 1GB RAM ensure the smooth work of the device. Launch several applications, enjoy multitasking mode and manage everyday tasks – from browsing to gaming.

    Dual SIM support

    The new smartphone features dual SIM for optimizing budget on calls and Internet. One SIM card can be used for super-fast 3G Internet, while another one – for cheap calls.

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    The new Grace 3157 4G is a superhero of quick Internet connection! If you are searching for a stylish, compact, affordable yet reliable and productive device to accompany your active lifestyle, do not hesitate and purchase this new tablet from Prestigio.


    4G connectivity

    Test the lightning fast LTE Internet! Seamlessly playing multi-player games, downloading huge files in seconds, streaming without interruption, and browsing faster than ever before with the new Grace 3157 4G.


    Wide but compact


    A 7.0” screen is a significant feature of the device. It is wider then the smartphone so you will benefit – when reading, working, watching movies or playing games. However, it remains compact and can be taken anywhere even in a small bag.


    Your lifelike content


    Enjoy the bright and detailed content on a 7.0” screen with HD resolution (720 x 1280) and IPS technology. The images appear real life!


    Your stylish accessory


    The tablet is attractive due to a metallic sleek body and rounded corners. It comes in a classical black colour which will suit your style whoever you are - a serious business or a young contemporary person.


    Latest Android


    The Grace 3157 4G runs on the latest Android OS version - 7.0 Nougat. It means you will get all the opportunities of an up-to-date tablet, including smart battery saving mode ‘Doze on the go’ and a variety of possibilities of customization.


    Reliable performance

    The tablet is productive enough to complete everyday tasks. High performance is provided by MT8735D 64-bit quad core processor and 1GB RAM. The tablet comes with 8/16 GB of internal storage which is expandable with microSD cards up to 32GB.


    Dual SIM


    The Grace 3157 4G supports two sim cards, so you can optimize your budget on calls and Internet. Fortunately, the tablet is compact and handy so that it can be used instead of a smartphone when making calls.


    Two cameras

    Create your content on the go: 2.0 MP rear camera makes clear shots and video and a 0.3MP front camera is responsible for video calls.

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    Stay online all day long and enjoy all the types of the content with the Wize 3131 3G. IPS screen, fast performance and variety of connectivity options make this tablet the perfect decision for people that appreciate mobility and non-stop Internet connectivity.

    Wide Screen

    A 10.1 inches diagonal enables more to be seen in any user case - just keep enjoying them! The Wize 3131 3G is wide enough to gain all the advantages of gaming, reading, watching videos as well as surfing the Internet. Still, it remains mobile enough to be kept even in a handbag. Thanks to IPS technology used in screen elaboration, the content looks bright and clear


    Keep in touch

    You will like the perfect Internet connectivity of a tablet! It is possible to engage two SIM cards for different tariffs: one for cheap calls and another – for lightning-fast 3G Internet. So the tablet is a great decision for those who tend to be online every minute of the day.


    Lots of tasks


    The tablet is powerful enough to cope with the majority of tasks which you can imagine. 1 GB RAM is enough for gaming, watching video without pauses, chatting in messengers and working with documents. A quad core processor guarantees that the device will work smoothly.


    Save the data


    The Wize 3131 3G is capacious, so you can store a lot of information.16 GB is sufficient for all your basic tasks, including saving photos and video and downloading applications. If you need some more space – just insert a micro SD card up to 32 GB. Expanding of internal storage is cheap and easy.


    Android Marshmallow


    An updated Android OS version boosts the hardware, so the device is even more productive. It is also energy saving due to the battery saving mode Doze. You will adore multiple abilities of customizing that can emphasise your personality and other up-to-date features.

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    Prestigio MultiCenter - the best solution for unlimited home entertainment. Combining high performance and lots of online possibilities, it utilises its interactive features to arrange easy access to your family media content.

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    The device with high spec functions for a competitive price is not a dream. It is Muze C7 LTE! A long-lasting battery, high spec cameras, powerful quad core processor, latest Android and 4G LTE connectivity – all covered in a square-shaped colourful body. The greatest choice for practical people with an active lifestyle!


    Huge battery

    A 5000 mAh Li-Po battery enables the smartphone to operate for up to 2 days without recharging even in a tough mode. Watch video, play demanding games, surf the Internet without limitations and forget about the dependence on a socket.


    Lightning-fast Internet

    One of the TOP spec of the Muze C7 LTE is 4G Internet connection which provides you with an ability to do more: streaming without interruption, seamlessly playing multi-player games and browsing quicker than ever before.


    Crystal view

    You will love the picture on your new smartphone! The Muze C7 LTE features a wide 5.0 inches display for comfortable reading, playing and viewing content. IPS technology used in the screen and HD resolution make content appear bright and vivid.


    Latest Android


    Get all the advantages of a modern device! Running on the latest Android 7.0 Nougat, the smartphone delivers the great user experience and opportunity to customise the device in multiple ways. In addition, with Doze smart battery saving mode it makes your long-lasting device work even longer.


    High performance


    The Muze C7 LTE features a quad core processor and 1 GB RAM which is sufficient for everyday needs. Launch several applications and switch between them to get the advantages of multitasking mode.


    Great photos

    If you enjoy creating and taking quality photos and videos, you will reap the benefits from the Muze C7 LTE! A 13MP rear camera with LED flash guarantees high clarity photos day and night. The quick focusing feature allows important moments to be captured. The 2.0 MP front camera equipped with LED flash is great for taking selfies in any light conditions.


    Practical beauty


    The appearance of the Muze C7 LTE is practical but trendy. The elegant and stylish design is exemplified in the compact square-shaped body. The smartphone comes in trendy colours: red, golden and black.


    Save money with dual SIM

    The smartphone features dual SIM for optimizing budget on calls and Internet. Use one card for calls and another one for super fast 4G Internet or stay connected to your family when on a trip to another country by engaging an additional local SIM.


    USB On-The-Go support

    The Muze C7 LTE supports USB On-The-Go (USB OTG), allowing to connect almost anything that uses a USB connector to your smartphone. For example, you can connect flash drives and seamlessly transfer data, or a DSLR camera to serve as a viewfinder or shutter button.

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    The new Prestigio RoadRunner CUBE is a perfect combination of design, functionality and durability. It has all the classical functions of the Prestigio Car Video Recorder and few signature advantages. Full HD resolution, 6 layers lens and wide viewing angles allow it to capture high quality video and clear images. The Wi Fi function enables several tasks to be accomplished – using a smartphone as a screen to review footage or ease of changing settings. The SONY Image Sensor guarantees perfect image processing even in low-light environments. The Prestigio RoadRunner CUBE suits any style due to its contemporary stylish design.

    Full HD video

    Never worry about the quality of recorded video Full HD definition of Prestigio RoadRunner CUBE camera ensures that every single detail will be visible and you can be confident about your safety on the road. If an accident occurs you will get all the evidence of your innocence.

    Built-in Wi-Fi

    Pair your Prestigio RoadRunner CUBE with your smartphone via Wi-Fi and increase its possibilities: view, download or delete recorded images and video, update driving information.

    Sony image sensor

    Do not worry about the quality of content in a low-light environment. The Sony Sensor provides optimal image quality.

    Wide viewing angle

    140° wide viewing angle provides an extensive road overview.

    Overheating protection system

    Prestigio understands that overheating can damage the battery or the whole device. That is why we implement the standard: At normal room temperature, it is expected that the battery will remain under 50℃, and this won't damage the device.


    The Prestigio RoadRunner CUBE features all the much-loved modes of Prestigio DVRs. Motion detection to economize the storage, cycling recording guarantees that you will never face the problem of full storage on your device, and a G-sensor detects and protects the accident file from cyclic rewriting.

    Dual USB port сharger

    The “CUBE” is available with a dual USB car charger. Charge your CUBE DVR with a smartphone or navigator simultaneously.

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    If you prefer not to limit yourself and to get everything you want, the Muze K5 is the device for you. Benefit from the lightning speed of 4G connection and feel the difference between a regular phone and this modern Android device, adore your 5” bright display and high quality cameras, enjoy the smartness of the most popular OS and power of 64-bit quad core processor. Continue feeling modern with your new Muze K5.


    4 your comfort

    Have you ever dreamt about a super-fast connection to the Internet to get all the news of the day? With the Muze K5, which supports 4G connectivity you will get everything you search for in seconds. You do not have to try and remember dozens of facts and events – just ask the Internet and receive the required information right here and right now. All the latest news, all the crucial inventions, all the freshest movies and games are ready to be on your phone.


    Strong enough with 64-bit processor

    The Muze K5 is able to manage almost any imaginable task. It will cope with all your everyday challenges – from regular browsing and chatting to gaming and watching movies online. The 64-bit quad core processor ensures the smoothness, and much-loved Android 5.1 Lollipop will open the new possibilities of effective and joyful operating.


    Your multitasking device

    Now you don’t have to carry a smartphone, an e Book and a tablet with you. The 5 inches display of the Muze K5 is wide enough for watching movies, reading and gaming but is still compact to carry in a small pocket or in a purse. Forget about the numerous electronic devices which prevent you from taking other vital items and substitute all of them with a great smartphone made by Prestigio.


    Control the charging

    No one is happy when searching for the charger during the day. The well-optimized hardware together with a 2400 mAh battery allows you to forget about the need to charge your device sporadically throughout the day. You can do what you want (from listening to music to staying online all day long) and never have to search for a socket.


    Bright colours

    With the Muze K5 you will enjoy managing the device in any circumstances – no matter what the lighting conditions are. A bright screen with true to life colours and HD resolution guarantees you will get real pleasure of viewing the contents on a clear 5 inches display. Photos, movies and pictures look better than the objects are in real life. You will get the opportunity to enjoy the real beauty when watching the content on the Muze k5.


    Save the moment

    With a bright and clear display, you will adore viewing and editing your photos and videos. The Muze K5 comes with a 8 MP BSI rear camera that guarantees clear and bright pictures even in tricky light circumstances. A 2 MP front camera is for taking selfies and keeping in touch with your friends and family while away – just start the video chat!


    The one you need

    With the Muze K5 you can forget about carrying two smartphones in your bag. Nowadays the main features of a modern person are money and ecological consciousness. Keep all your contacts in your mobile notebook, enjoy cheep Internet tariffs together with the possibility to talk to anyone you want with dual sim support – and live your life!

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