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    Attributes: Display Size: 5.5" Display Resolution: 720x1440 Internal Memory: 16 GB Learn More
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    Enliven Your Prestigio Multiphone!

    • Capacity: 1500mAh, 3.7V

    • Type: Lithium Ion

    • Compatibility: PAP5450DUO/PAP5451DUO/PSP5457DUO/ PSP3451

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    Article: PCDVRR527 Attributes: View Angle: 140° Maximum Video Resolution: FHD 1920x1080@30fps Learn More
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    Attributes: Display Size: 4.0" Display Resolution: 480x800 Internal Memory: 8 GB Learn More
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    The Smartbook 133S is a lightweight and reliable device for those who like easy to use and multi-functional mobile devices. This is a modern notebook with a 13.3″ screen, a full Windows version and a universal set of ports. Effective multitasking, excellent functionality, high-quality display, modern design and the ability to upgrade quickly and easy - these are the features which are most appealing.


    The Smartbook 133S has a Quad Core Intel® Celeron® Processor N3350 (up to 2.4 GHz). This makes it suitable for business men/women and students as it enables tasks to be completed efficiently for business and study. 3 GB / 4 GB enables multitasking without delays, while 32GB ROM can easily be enlarged with SSD storage device up to 512GB due to M.2 SATA interface. Thanks to energy efficient CPU and capacious battery the notebook can work up to 8 hours without recharging.

    Perfect 13.3″ screen

    The notebook features a 13.3″ Full HD screen. IPS matrix ensures clear image and saturated colours.


    The Smartbook 133S is available in an exquisite 1.3 cm metal case, and thanks to its weight (up to 1.5 kg) you can easily carry the device anywhere you go. Without a doubt, this latest model will be a valuable device for business and travel.


    Thanks to Windows 10 Home / Windows 10 Pro which is preinstalled on the Smartbook 133S you will be able to benefit from all the preferences of a modern operational system. An intuitive interface will help to manage your tasks more effectively, advanced productivity will allow you to experience a new level of efficiency, and thanks to additional services and applications every second with your new device will be comfortable and enjoyable.

    No intermediaries

    The Smartbook 133S does not require adapters: two high speed USB 3.0 and micro HDMI provide easy connection to any devices – for example, to a big screen, mouse, printer or scanner.

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    Attributes: View Angle: 140° Maximum Video Resolution: FHD 1920x1080@30fps Learn More
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    The flagship of the line has collaborated the seven most popular technologies in one device. A 5.7-inch frameless screen with 2.5D glass, fingerprint scanner, 4G connectivity, two high quality cameras for photo, selfie and video, Android 7.0 Nougat and dual SIM card support. A thin metal case is an excellent design solution which combines fashionable style and a reliable body. The Prestigio Grace B7 LTE is a smartphone that allows you to get more and pay less.

    Expand Boundaries

    Full screen technology delivers a 5.7 inches screen in compact body. Customers will view a large picture like on a tablet in HD+ quality and can easily operate the smartphone with one hand. It is very convenient.

    A secret will not be revealed

    Your data is reliably preserved thanks to a fingerprint scanner and face unlock technology, giving you confidence in the safety of personal correspondence, photos and videos. With the Grace B7 LTE your files are safe.

    Practical solutions

    Customers will appreciate fast charging, 2 SIM card slots, micro SD slot and OTG function. Charging takes less time, there is an ability to connect additional devices, enlarge internal memory and to choose the mobile operator – these are the practical solutions that are in demand and convenient.

    For those who are online

    The Prestigio Grace B7 LTE supports 4G connectivity, and as a result provides the fastest Internet connection. A productive quad-core 1.3 GHz processor and 2 GB RAM are sufficient for daily tasks in multitasking mode, web surfing and entertainment. A much-loved Android 7.0 Nougat will help to customize your smartphone easily, whilst a powerful battery provides longevity without recharging.

    Capture everything

    The Prestigio Grace B7 LTE is highly appreciated by fans of photos, videos and selfies. The main 13.0 MP camera and the 5.0 MP front camera deliver high-quality images. A flash function is available in both cameras, so you can shoot in any light conditions. You will always have something to post onto Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

    Style and status

    The Grace B7 LTE design corresponds to the status of the flagship. A thin but reliable metal body, rounded 2.5D glass and three colour options (black, blue and gold) allow everyone to choose a device for to complement their style.


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    Attributes: View Angle: 120° Maximum Video Resolution: FHD 1920x1080@30fps Learn More
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    Attributes: Display Diagonal: 8.0" Internal Memory: 8 GB • 16 GB Learn More
  10. Prestigio battery for PSP3406DUO_BAT (1400mAh)

    Enliven Your Prestigio Multiphone!

    • Capacity: 1500mAh, 3.7V

    • Type: Lithium Ion

    • Compatibility: PAP34060DUO

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    With the new stylish Wize N3, you will get more possibilities, whilst acquiring a great accessory to finish your image. Affordable as always, it has all the needed specifications to manage your everyday tasks like browsing, reading, gaming and working with documents, the wide screen makes everything convenient and more effective. The smartphone is not only a serviceable help, it is a stylish accessory: a great variety of colours is offered to suit any taste!

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    Attributes: View Angle: 120° Maximum Video Resolution: FHD 1920x1080@25fps Learn More
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    Attributes: Display Size: 5.0" Display Resolution: 720x1280 Internal Memory: 16 GB Learn More
  14. Prestigio battery for PSP3515DUO (2400mAh)

    Enliven Your Prestigio Multiphone!

    • Capacity: 2400mAh, 3.7V

    • Type: Lithium Ion

    • Compatibility: PAP3515DUO

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    Attributes: View Angle: 140° Maximum Video Resolution: WQHD 2560x1440@30fps Learn More
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    Attributes: Display Size: 5.2" Display Resolution: 720x1280 Internal Memory: 16 GB Learn More
  17.  Smartbook 141S
    Operating System: Windows 10 Home • Windows 10 Pro
    Internal Memory Size: SSD 32 GB • SSD 128 GB
    Display Diagonal: 14.1"
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    Attributes: View Angle: 140° Maximum Video Resolution: FHD 1920x1080@30fps Learn More
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    Affordable full screen smartphone

    The Prestigio Wize Q3 is a stylish, compact and affordable full screen smartphone with a more than sufficient hardware that can be used to complete for daily tasks. An Android 7.0 operating system, 2 cameras, 2 SIM-cards – everything that is vital for a practical user who loves modern technologies, but at the same time is money conscious.


    Comfortable full screen

    5 inches is the optimal diagonal for the smartphone, which is suitable for any task. the aspect ratio of 18:9 delivers a large display on a compact body and can be easily operated with one hand. Go beyond the frame!


    High performance device

    A high-performance quad-core processor and 1 GB RAM ensure functionality of everyday tasks, and the 8-megapixel camera with autofocus and flash allows you to take quality pictures in any light conditions. The most appropriate hardware for everyday work.


    Double advantage

    Two SIM card slots are an excellent opportunity to separate work and personal calls, install a local SIM card when you are abroad, and use the connection without restrictions.


    Unconventional design

    A sleek body with a curved 2.5D glass and full-sized screen looks spectacular in four colour options. Black, golden, red or blue - choose the one that suits you!

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    Attributes: View Angle: 115° Maximum Video Resolution: FHD 1920x1080@30fps Learn More
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    Article: PCDVRR523 Attributes: View Angle: 115° Maximum Video Resolution: FHD 1920x1080@30fps Learn More
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    If you prefer not to limit yourself and to get everything you want, the Muze K5 is the device for you. Benefit from the lightning speed of 4G connection and feel the difference between a regular phone and this modern Android device, adore your 5” bright display and high quality cameras, enjoy the smartness of the most popular OS and power of 64-bit quad core processor. Continue feeling modern with your new Muze K5.


    4 your comfort

    Have you ever dreamt about a super-fast connection to the Internet to get all the news of the day? With the Muze K5, which supports 4G connectivity you will get everything you search for in seconds. You do not have to try and remember dozens of facts and events – just ask the Internet and receive the required information right here and right now. All the latest news, all the crucial inventions, all the freshest movies and games are ready to be on your phone.


    Strong enough with 64-bit processor

    The Muze K5 is able to manage almost any imaginable task. It will cope with all your everyday challenges – from regular browsing and chatting to gaming and watching movies online. The 64-bit quad core processor ensures the smoothness, and much-loved Android 5.1 Lollipop will open the new possibilities of effective and joyful operating.


    Your multitasking device

    Now you don’t have to carry a smartphone, an e Book and a tablet with you. The 5 inches display of the Muze K5 is wide enough for watching movies, reading and gaming but is still compact to carry in a small pocket or in a purse. Forget about the numerous electronic devices which prevent you from taking other vital items and substitute all of them with a great smartphone made by Prestigio.


    Control the charging

    No one is happy when searching for the charger during the day. The well-optimized hardware together with a 2400 mAh battery allows you to forget about the need to charge your device sporadically throughout the day. You can do what you want (from listening to music to staying online all day long) and never have to search for a socket.


    Bright colours

    With the Muze K5 you will enjoy managing the device in any circumstances – no matter what the lighting conditions are. A bright screen with true to life colours and HD resolution guarantees you will get real pleasure of viewing the contents on a clear 5 inches display. Photos, movies and pictures look better than the objects are in real life. You will get the opportunity to enjoy the real beauty when watching the content on the Muze k5.


    Save the moment

    With a bright and clear display, you will adore viewing and editing your photos and videos. The Muze K5 comes with a 8 MP BSI rear camera that guarantees clear and bright pictures even in tricky light circumstances. A 2 MP front camera is for taking selfies and keeping in touch with your friends and family while away – just start the video chat!


    The one you need

    With the Muze K5 you can forget about carrying two smartphones in your bag. Nowadays the main features of a modern person are money and ecological consciousness. Keep all your contacts in your mobile notebook, enjoy cheep Internet tariffs together with the possibility to talk to anyone you want with dual sim support – and live your life!

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    View Angle: 140°
    Maximum Video Resolution: FHD 1920x1080@30fps
    Learn More
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    Attributes: Display Diagonal: 10.1" Internal Memory: 16 GB • 8 GB Learn More
  25. Prestigio battery for PSP3495DUO_BAT (2000mAh)

    Enliven Your Prestigio Multiphone!

    • Capacity: 2000mAh, 3.7V

    • Type: Lithium Ion

    • Compatibility: PAP3495DUO

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  26. PCDVRR530WBK
    Attributes: View Angle: 140° Maximum Video Resolution: FHD 1920x1080@30fps Learn More

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