Canyon 7800mAh Power Bank For 2 Devices

Canyon 7800mAh Power Bank For 2 Devices

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Canyon makes sure your battery won’t run out when you’re on the go. Portable Power Bank 7800mah is the perfect way to charge your cell phone or tablet when you can’t get to a wall outlet. It has the capacity to fully charge a smartphone or tablet. LED indicators let you know how much power is available. With two USB ports, the Power Bank can recharge two devices simultaneously, without being tethered to an electrical outlet.

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Manufacturer Article CNE-CPB78DG
Abbreviated Description Power Bank, micro USB input and USB output
Battery Current Capacity 7800 mAh
External Colour Dark Grey
Maximum Input Voltage 5 V
Maximum Input Current 1 A
Output Voltage DC 5 V
Output Current 1A/2A