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Blueberry €250

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What is Blueberry Prepaid?

The Blueberry MasterCard is a reloadable prepaid MasterCard, that can be used anywhere that MasterCard cards are accepted. At over 35 Million retail points of sale for payment of goods and services, on-line payments and ATM Cash Withdrawals.

Blueberry is a secure method to pay retail outlets for goods and services, as well as online web merchants either with your Blueberry Mastercard or Blueberry E-Wallet. Blueberry E-money Vouchers can be used to load funds into your Blueberry Mastercard and/or E-Wallet, and can also be used to pay online Web merchants wherever the Blueberry logo is presented.

Your Blueberry E-Wallet also has its own menu option that lets you track each payment you make. This gives you a clear overview and full control of your spending at all times. Topping up your Blueberry E-Wallet with a Blueberry E-Money voucher immediately adds the credit to your existing balance.

     Blueberry E-Wallet can be used to:

  • Make instant payments to registered On-Line Web Sites that display the Blueberry Logo

Blueberry E-Money Voucher can be used to:

  • Make online web payments without the need for debit or credit cards

  • Load funds into Blueberry E-Wallets and/or Blueberry MasterCard

Excellent budgeting tool with no surprise bills at the end of the month, as you cannot spend more than the amount you have loaded.


How Blueberry works

Easy to find using our location maps and easy to activate by following the easy steps.

Once activated you can load funds easily to your Mastercard:

  • Load using a Blueberry E-Money Voucher purchased form your convenient retail store.

  • Load funds directly from your bank account by electronic transfer.

  • Use your debit or credit card to pay into your Blueberry MasterCard account.

On-Line and mobile access to transaction history and account balances.

  • The Blueberry MasterCard is issued with “Chip & Pin” security.

  • No off-line transactions can be performed for security purposes.


The Blueberry MasterCard is issued by IDT Financial Services Ltd, Pursuant to a license by MasterCard International.

IDTFS is licensed as a principal member with the Systems of MasterCard and Visa.


A Private and secure way to manage your finances!!!!!